Annasaheb Waghire College, Otur
Arts, Commerce and Science College

Vision and Mission


To inculcate a positive and sound attitude amongst students and inhabitants of this rural and hilly region towards pursuing higher education in various disciplines and to impart qualitative education to make them globally competitive.

Mission: Bahujan Hitay Bahujan Sukhay.
Mission Statement
  • The mission of the parent organization i.e. Pune District Education Association (the trust under the aegis of which this college is runing) is “Bahujan Hitay Bahujan Sukhay” which translate to “Welfare and happiness for the masses”.
  • The mission of this college is an extension of the mission of the trust and is “Welfare and happiness for the masses through higher education”.
  • This mission we are accomplishing to uplift the under privileged, backward, tribal and deprived sections of this region through higher education.
Companies for Campus Placements