Annasaheb Waghire College, Otur
Arts, Commerce and Science College


Annual/ semester/choice based credit system (programme wise)

Sr. No. Program with Programmes
1 Annual Pattern(80-20) F.Y.B.A
2 Annual Pattern(80-20) S.Y.B.A..  T.Y.BA..
3 Semester Pattern M.A.
Name Qualifications Designation Specialization No. of years of experience No. of Ph. d students guided
Dr.Tilekar D.M. M. A. SET


Assistant Professor Hindi 10

Number of faculty with ongoing projects from
a) National
b) International funding agencies and grants received

Sr. No. Name of the principle Investigator Title Funding Agencies Amount sanctioned Year
1 Dr. Rathod M. B. “Prabha Khetan

Ke Upnyasome

Nari Jivan”

BCUD pune


13,0000 2013-2015