Annasaheb Waghire College, Otur
Arts, Commerce and Science College

Zoo Activities

Activities and Facilities
  • Arrange Special guidance Lectures for Competitive Exam. (U.P.S.C./M.P.S.C)
  • Providing Students in Vermiculture, Sericulture and Fishery Science activities.
  • Faculty involved in Environmental awareness program
  • Faculty involved in Various College and Department activities.
  • Information Exhibitions platform for Students of Colleges & Neighboring Schools
  • Computer facility & Internet connectivity.
  • Arrange Tours
  • Organization of Seminars, workshops
  • Organization of Visit to Vermiculture, Apiculture and Fishery.
  • Report Preparation on the study
  • Providing consultancy services about Vermiculture, Sericulture and Fishery to nearby Farmers.
Companies for Campus Placements